The Walter Charles Project New Single

The Walter Charles Project will soon release our first single, “the lullaby,” from “The Other Side” EP. Weaving with each breath, the poetic acoustic play of Chris Keener and Charles’ vocal and lyric reflection, “the lullaby” invites YOU to the now “presence” and the coming return of the Christ. Drawing the listener to a moment of rest, "the lullaby" points to THE Source of Peace, Hope, and Power for living who’s calling to us ALL. With guitar play inspired by Michael Prescott and Charles’ vocals, this edition of “the lullaby” draws US to taste and see, “the other side.”

About Walter Charles

After years of calling myself a believer, I listened to a pastor talking about a “relationship” with Jesus Christ. As I listened and with all that he explained, I knew that real “relationship” with HIM was missing from my life.

On Easter Sunday 1994, I began a relationship and adventure with Jesus Christ that changed everything, and no doubt has brought me to the present. The gift of music and song that He’d given a young boy from Thomasville, Ga. began to make sense and the purpose for those giftings became clearer. I could go on and on, but let’s just say with the up and the down, the struggles, and the blessings, indeed He has allowed me “life to the full,” always by my side, a Savior, who is my God, and continues to be the Father of my heart. I hope that the songs I sing can be a reflection of my journey with the Christ and they invite you who listen to have an experience with HIM, that changes your everything.



  • Because He Lives (Father of My Heart)
  • Here We Are
  • Revolution
  • Shut The Door

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And the winner is… “Because He Lives (Father of My Heart)” will be the first single released from the EP. Revisiting a classic Gaither hymn with a new melody and an additional twist--reminiscent of Tomlin’s Amazing Grace (My Chains are...

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