Watch Now: “Because He Lives (Father of My Heart)”

I remember pitching the idea for the “Because He Lives (Father of My Heart)” video. My prayer, that people, more specifically followers of Christ, would be reminded to hold on to hope, to trust in Christ’s promises, particularly in the aroma of personal struggles, but also to be challenged in living as agents of hope, on behalf of the other. Where there is no expected personal gain, where standing on behalf of the other might be costly, but a more lived out representation of the body of Christ responding individually and corporately to greater things, WE would be inspired to live as His, more deeply, intentionally. That kind of submission often requires that we ACT as His LOVE and Spirit dictate, into the difficult and the uncomfortable; standing against the “ism’s” and “-ish’s” of the day.

Breaking cycles requires someone stand in the gap, looks beyond self in order for circumstances to undergo deep, spiritual, manifested change. Who else for these tasks, than those of the body, enlisted to BE in the image of the One who denied Himself that creation might rise; on earth as in heaven.

When I saw the elements gathered for making the video, I was moved that we would be able to stir a pondering of the message, even more so in this era of Childish Gambino’s “This Is America.” Unbeknownst to me, upon watching our finished work, I saw something else, images of personal evolution, in Christ.

I grew up in the black church tradition. Surrounded by stories from the “Movement,” hearing how the church, in its posture of hope and trusting the Christ, actually stood for the broken. THEY were voices unwilling and unable to simply just see. THEY had to engage the status quo. As we continue to become, moving from being consumers of God, calling upon Him for our benefit, we are hastened to stand, kneel, fast, pray, speak, ACT on behalf of the other. To be in HIM means that we are unable, unwilling to look the other way, that we are empowered to do otherwise, in, but not of a world falling forward in brokenness. When the Christ is showing where HIS brand of hope and love is lacking with each news cycle, within too many social media threads, in every moment that we take to watch, listen, and seek, led by His Spirit, we are beckoned to step from our thrones and engage with all of culture. That’s what He would do, and if He lives in us, if hope lives in us, the choice, for a heart being shaped by Him, really isn’t that difficult. Because He lives.