Making the Video: “Because He Lives (Father of My Heart)”

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon set the burdened and the battered free..”

Luke 4:18, The Message

When the label began to talk about producing a music video for “Father of My Heart,” I caught a range of emotions; from worrying how I’d look on camera, would the video present a message that people would find meaningful/entertaining/authentic, would my debut video even come close to what music lovers could once find on MTV/VH1/Friday night videos or Godtube. On the more positive side, there was just excitement and the overwhelming idea that I was really a CCM artist signed to a real record label…haha, what a difference a year can make, and watching what happens when God says “yes” in a mind-blowing way.

After coming down from my “I’m a recording artist high,” the wheels started turning. Why did this song mean so much to me, what message would the Christ want to communicate, how much should be spelled out, how much left as food for thought, how creative would my budget allow me to get, … what would the video tell the viewer about me…I mean this could be my debut to the globe, not just my local church… oh, the pressure.

I started looking for music videos from both my mainstream and christian music influences; Seal, Sting, Sade, Chris Tomlin, Toby Mac, Fred Hammomd, and some that my film-student “I-do” son suggested; Kendrick Lamar, J-Cole, Chance. I also compared their budgets to mine…haha. I wondered about black and white, color, animation, being creative, out of the box, and again, that budget…haha.

After landing on “what” I hoped to present, and “what message” I hoped to communicate, the elements I thought important to include, I began to go back and forth with JM, the video producer. JM heard some potential, liked the concept, and began to accumulate what was needed to capture the imagery for “Father of My Heart.” I was thrilled to hear the location He was proposing, how he was planning to capture what I’d described; a mix of black, white, and color footage, simple yet powerful imagery, historic and current footage, and a song with both a powerful message and a necessary challenge. After seeing what JM had accumulated, where we were shooting, my imagination was racing. Shoot day was coming fast and a debut to the world wouldn’t be far behind.

The Christ, the body of Christ, a world in many ways repeating itself, the evolution of one man’s perspective, and a message to especially the body, for the world’s benefit, and the glory of God…

More to come … “Because He Lives (Father of My Heart)…” video out May 14th